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My approach is rooted in a gestural process expressing encounters and relationships between opposing elements. Black and white, certainly, or abstract and figurative, movement and rigidity, but also between paradoxical social realities. Playing on the tipping point between these elements I seek to underline the luminous character and dialogue that inhabit our realities. I deconstruct the codes and symbols of society and, through acrylic paint, aerosol, graphite and photos, I engage in questioning the place of the human being, the way we look at ourselves and at others, and then at the group. I linger on the question of relationships and connection. My art stems from a reflection that I carry on my academic career; criminology. My works show a free pictorial expression inspired by social situations. In the dynamics of group relations, in the process of marginalization or in the question of free will, academic theories and concepts are articulated through visuals that are as sensitive as they are violent. For me, to approach these concepts is above all to position myself in front of the question of the porosity of borders, which becomes a tipping point and introduces the importance of movement in my work. Creation pushes me, more and more, to the observation that, by deconstructing these limits literally or figuratively, the answers will form themselves. Thus, my work reveals the trace or imprint of the social man. The gesture of this deconstruction of borders, frameworks, codes or norms is transposed into a questioning directly brought to the public, a profound questioning that pushes it to introspection.

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