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My artistic approach is based on an academic reflection resulting from my studies in criminology. My work is a process of analysis and interpretation of our society. I need to speak up. I need to bring these observations to the light. I need to use what I have been told is my freedom of choice and speech. Therefore, with a spontaneous gesture I paint society in all its states. It is through creation that I bring to light this dialogue of paradoxes. IUsing painting, words and photography, I question the place of the human being, the norms and codes of society, and our collective identity. In a world of globalization, I create pieces that reflect our current concerns, such as misinformation, propaganda and analysis paralysis. My goal is to raise awareness and create a dialogue about modern alienation and the urgency to awaken and free ourselves. I strive to bring to life the most common but untold things of our time. By challenging our perceptions, I invite the viewer to create their own interpretation of what lies behind the first glance.

In this era of globalization, we are constantly being labeled and categorized. What is our place in today's society? How do we navigate this complexity? How do we find our voice? We are currently experiencing a state of analysis paralysis, where excessive reflection is hindering our ability to act. Our habits and routines can sometimes lead us down a path that becomes increasingly challenging to break away from, not because of its significance, but simply due to the momentum it has gained.

While we follow the masses, our minds are spinning. The flow of thoughts, mass information, stimuli and questions is fast and omnipotent. Never has society faced such high rates of anxiety and depression. As I paint to discover myself as an artist, a woman and a citizen, I project on canvas my vision of our modern society. A society run by organizations that fight to control people's minds with marketing and mass data. I paint with a specific purpose of education and awareness. I put visuals on the canvas to open up this dialogue about our current state of alienation and the urgent need to open our eyes and break free.

By exploring the more subtle aspects of our contemporary society, I bring to life realities that are often ignored. As a child of the 90's who studied the impact of society on individuals, I cannot remain silent in the face of injustices and inequalities that exist. I make art to raise awareness and encourage reflection. By using techniques of confusion of perceptions, I invite the spectators to question their own vision of the world. Through my art, I challenge the belief that our senses allow us to understand reality as it is, by revealing the illusion that lies behind appearances.

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