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My artistic approach is based on an analysis and interpretation of society, building on my academic background studying humans and social issues. I feel the need to speak up to bring these observations to light and incite people to act.

Our minds are spinning. The flow of thoughts, mass information, stimuli and questions are fast and omnipotent: never has society faced such high rates of anxiety and depression. As I paint to discover myself as an artist, a woman, and a citizen, I project on canvas my vision of our modern society, a society run by organizations that fight to control people's minds with marketing and mass data. I paint with a specific purpose of education and awareness. I put visuals on the canvas to open this dialogue about our current state of alienation and the urgent need to open our eyes and break free. The visuals I create are situated between figuration and abstraction, stillness and movement, using painting, words, and photography. In this era of globalization, we are constantly labeled and categorized. We experience analysis paralysis, where excessive reflection is hindering our ability to act. Our habits and routines can sometimes lead us down a path that becomes increasingly challenging to break away from. With empathy, I create a diagnosis of who we are together.

In my visual explorations of our contemporary society, I bring to the surface the unconscious endeavors that are often ignored. As a child of the 90's who once studied the impact of society on individuals as a criminologist, I make art about the issues of our age. By deliberately obstructing some elements, and choosing to remove others, I leave space for interpretation, suggesting the confusion of the perceptual state we live in, inviting my spectators to question their role in the world. Through my art, I challenge the belief that our senses allow us to understand reality as it appears, by revealing the illusions that lie behind appearances.

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