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Marie-Chloé Duval, originally from Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada, has a diverse and adventurous path in her artistic career. After initially pursuing an academic career in criminology, Duval discovered her passion for art while finishing her graduate studies. Her thesis writing served as the catalyst for expressing herself and illustrating her vision of humanity and society through her work.

Duval honed her visual identity and explored photography before fully committing to painting in 2016. She made a strong impression in her first symposium by winning 5 prizes, and since then has gained recognition with solo and group exhibitions around the world. Her curiosity and desire for knowledge have also led her to participate in multiple artistic residencies in Canada and Europe. She is deeply engaged in the artistic community, serving as vice-president of art center boards, participating in residential projects for artists, and writing for art blogs.

Currently based in New York City, Duval draws inspiration from the endless human actions that surround her. She continues to create prolifically and is completing her degree in Fine Arts through a partnership with Concordia University and Wagner College.

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