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Originally from Quebec, a Canadian province, Marie-Chloé Duval is now based in New-York city and pursues a path as contrasted and audacious as her works. Initially absorbed by a career in criminology, Duval discovered her interest in art just as she was finishing her graduate studies. The writing of her dissertation will undoubtedly be the trigger for a drive to express herself and illustrate his vision of humanity and society.

Duval develops his visual identity and explores the world of photography before devoting himself fully to painting in 2016. Initially through ephemeral events, she quickly transposes her analysis of the world at an accelerating pace and it is the Centre Culturel Berger that will offer her her first opportunity for a solo exhibition. Duval participates in her first symposium in 2016 and the critics give her work unequivocal praise; she will win 5 prizes during the event. Duval's reputation grew and he made a remarkable appearance at the McCord Museum during the Printemps Numérique in 2017, in Montreal. Eager to learn, the artist will participate in her first artistic residency at Haihatus in Finland in the winter of 2019 and in a cultural development mission in Paris in the spring of 2019. With numerous exhibitions in Montreal, Chicago, Palm Spring, San Francisco and Quebec, Duval is experiencing a notable evolution while now being enrolled in Fine Arts, Painting and drawing, at Concordia University.

The artist is currently based in New-York sity, where she draws inspiration from the multiple human actions, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She continues her rise and continues her prolific creation.

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