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Social masks : a story about society and norms

In this series, the artist deconstructs the self-image and this social mask. A deep and quiet force, the human in it's liberation rejects castrating obligations and cries out for freedom and vulnerability.
Free writing

Outside the box : A dialogue with material

In the series Hors du cadre, Duval puts into words and lines these intimate feelings felt. In a social and personal reflection, the series addresses this moment of transition between what is lived internally and reality.
Seul Ensemble no13 24×24

Location: moving and being

The artist studies the question of human movement and change. Between their individuality and their sociability, Duval seeks to depict the meeting of these poles.

Networks: The layers we carry

In these more abstract works the artist proposes to imagine relationships as those continuous and broken links that touch or mix creating a unified and unifying whole.
Au delà de nous no8 10×10

Perspective : What we see is not

In this series, the artist brings together various visuals that address humans and humanity. She is interested in the relationship between what is visibly accessible and what is blocked, what we perceive and what we imagine.

Memory: anchoring foot on this land

This series is a tribute to those landscapes that feel safe and breathe life when the waves of humans are no longer enough.


The artist invites you to virtually participate in the various exhibitions she has been part of since the beginning of her career. It is a pleasure to present you with photos taken during the artist's various exhibitions.

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