Social masks

In the series Social Masks, it is this very ephemeral moment that the artist presents in the form of intimate visuals. The artist seeks to make tangible the glances, stories and images encountered throughout the years. Fascinated by the notion of permanence and non-permanence, of movement and encounters, the artist chooses to immortalize what a fallible memory risks forgetting, sooner or later. She thus offers her own view of relationships.

In an effort to put forward what really exists within us, this strength and fragility are revealed through figuration that blends with abstraction.

What we want and what we can.

In this series, the artist deconstructs the self-image and this social mask. Violent and tranquil force, the human being in his explosion rejects castrating obligations and cries out for freedom and vulnerability.

For Duval it is certainly about the links with others but also with history, the imprint left behind and the individual and collective identity that takes root through these memories and these humans.

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