In Lieux the artist presents the images, these mental imprints, which inhabit her, even guide her life. These are mainly questions that deal with the notion of relating (the self and the other) and growth (growing up in contact with the other, certainly, but also with one’s environment).  The exhibition speaks of relationships and connections, whether fortuitous or forced, and of those places that witness an absence and a state of fullness. It deals with solitude and inner fullness and with the single whole, in complementarity and violent opposition. To do this, the artist goes back into her memories to understand how one (re)becomes alone and, above all, how one becomes together.

In this series, Duval takes the time to question himself about life and society. His questions are recurrent: How can this crowd be so empty? What if we dared to talk to strangers?  This forest, voiceless, how does it manage to pierce our silence?

Each work acts as a mark in time like a visual impression freezing what will never come back. At the beginning of every relationship, there is the self and the other. A self, alone, which is born through the other, in the other’s gaze, and which comes about through the choices he makes under his own gaze and in reaction to the gaze of others. In his series, the artist testifies to the relational movement and the porosity of the frames through the spontaneous gestures of his camera, which freezes reality for a moment that seems permanent.

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